“Ass In the Front” Album Review
  • 4/5
Reviewed by Jen Dan

Fired-up Australian rap/hip-hop artist Alphamama slays on her latest track that takes down misogynistic culture and empty entertainment crap.

A cursory glance at the title of Australian Alphamama’s provocative, profanity-laced rap/hip-hop track may be construed as crude titillation, but that’s furthest from the fact.    Alphamama goes on a rampaging, rapid-fire rap tirade about how celebrity culture crap is distracting the populace from real world issues like war, greed, and oppression.  She also takes aim at the misogynistic culture that (mis)shapes the way women view and (de)value themselves.   The song title makes sense in the context of the full effect of the lyrics, the key line being, “It’s war in the back / and ass in the front.”

Alphamama wrote “Ass In the Front” with the Long Island-located, experimental band Poodlehead.  This trenchant tune was produced by Brooklyn-based Ahmed Sirour and it’s the lead single off of Alphamama’s upcoming EP, Honey Fire, due out this September. 

Alphamama’s delivers her spitfire vocals in kick-ass, fast ‘n’ Furiosa-style; no holding back, always taut, never slack.  She’s on the warpath with her verbal attack, proclaiming that our value system is out of whack and we need to get back on track.  She’s not afraid to take down big names in the entertainment game, declaring bluntly, but relevantly, “Send in the troops and the paparazzi / Kanye and Kim will distract us for free / Billions made while millions bleed / behind the smokescreens of one percent…”

The track starts off with the wail of sirens and continues with a staccato, rhythmic march supported by sharp handclaps, short horn pulls, and dynamic hand drum beat.  The bold and defiant powder keg is no one-note-wonder, however, as she segues from raw rap rant to refined R&B break at the drop of a hat, showcasing her smooth pop flow on two brief, beguiling sections of the song. 

Alphamama has launched God Queen Records, a pioneering record label that will promote female artists, cultivate positive social change through art, and empower women in general.  She will be touring Honey Fire as part of a multimedia, musical theater event sponsored by God Queen Records.


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