Long Beach, CA-living, experimental post-psych multi-instrumentalist/producer Michael Anthony Espinach drops new single as BREATHERRR.

Long Beach, California denizen and daringly experimental post-pysch(e) artist BREATHERRR interweaves psychedelic noise, trip-hop, jungle, new wave jazz on his electronic arrangements, stirring up an intoxicating blend of sound.  BREATHERRR’s aim is to immerse the listener in a total body experience of fluidly moving ecstasy and catharsis.

Multi-instrumentalist/producer Michael Anthony Espinach is the man behind the moniker.  He’s built up a solid following in Southern California and is expanding his fanbase worldwide with the release of his latest album, Almond Noir, on November 11th. 

On the full-length, Espinach tackles his past battle with substance abuse, finding strength in vulnerability, and the need to be open to new and different possibilities.  Espinach states, “The album points to the cultivation and letting go of certain relationships.”, like romantic and chemical-based connections, and, he continues, “…truly discovering the relationship with myself.”

BREATHERRR’s Almond Noir does this in a wild and captivating sonic style, which can be heard on the 3rd track off the record, “Plume”, which features Quangstuh & Slimbo Jones.  Espinach’s dispassionate hip-hop vocal flow of fragmented, impressionistic phrases is contrasted by an ultra-fast ticking electronics pace, reverberating female exclamations, and the punctuation of uplifting synths press.  He speaks rapidly at first of being, “Rejected / Nothing more.” and of “Failures of the past.”  By the end of the number, he’s gone through a process that will hopefully lead to a better understanding of who he is.