Skylinyl: Old vinyl records are reborn in the form of cut-out cityscape artwork by Shawn McClure.

In this 1st installment of a series on cool, must-have music-related merchandise, the spotlight shines on Skylinyl, repurposed artwork that’s made out of vinyl records by Shawn McClure.

Skylinyl: Old vinyl records are reborn in the form of cut-out cityscape artwork.

A self-described “Exacto ninja”, McClure creates a complex cut-out image of a city skyline of your choice on a recycled vinyl record, showcasing both the city and the record as a piece of art.  It’s the perfect gift and conversation-starter for music and art enthusiasts that has CNN stating, “This is so unique and interesting.” and The Edit gushing, “Skylinyl takes the music we loved, and transforms it into something new and special.”

McClure is in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign in order to fund his artistic project.  The closing date is November 4th.

This is your chance to own or gift a one-of-a-kind combo piece of musical history and geography, because, as McClure says, “Music is a huge part of our identity, both culturally and individually.  It has the power to connect people and make friends out of strangers. It’s a shared experience and there’s no better way to share the love of music than with vinyl.”

Funds raised will go towards investing in a precise cutting machine to fill larger orders and to free up time to craft new designs.  As of now, McClure is doing all the time-intensive work by hand.  McClure also states, “We are using a portion of our funds to give back to the music communities and raise awareness for the causes we love related to music, art and recycling.”

It’s quick and easy to choose and order your specific Skylinyl creation and McClure details, through words, images, and video, his pathway to and process of making Skylinyl art on his Kickstarter site.  So head on over and lend your support for this cool and unusual endeavor.

Skylinyl Kickstarter

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